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If you can, "help others"

If you cannot do that, at least  

"do not harm them"

Dhamma quote: Teach the mind, endure the suffering.

"Do good, refrain from evil, and have a pure heart of virtue."

"I want our home to prosper, it's not difficult at all. It depends on the five principles of virtue, which are to maintain the Five Precepts purely, not allowing any breaches. Don't let defilements arise. Be a noble human being, even a Buddha must maintain the Five Precepts. If there is no morality, the heart is not established. No matter what form, a Buddha image or any other, it will not be the same as a Buddha."


"Chasing after a cloud"
A fairy tale for adults.

"As we grow up and become adults, sometimes we forget how much we enjoyed and were excited by listening to fairy tales when we were children. If we were to say that fairy tales are a highlight of childhood for most humans, it would not be an exaggeration. But as we grow up, we stop listening to fairy tales without realizing it, even though good fairy tales still have a place in the world of adults as much as in the world of children."

This story starts with a river flowing down from the mountaintop, on its way to reach the sea. When she was young, she wanted to flow the fastest, flow the quickest, and reach the farthest sea. But as she flowed continuously and reached the plains and fields, she had to start flowing slower...slower, because she had turned into a stream. When she had to flow slower, she began to see clouds. She saw that the clouds had different shapes and colors. And when she felt like it, the stream started to follow the clouds from one to another. But the clouds never stayed still, they came and went. When the stream realized the clouds didn't want to stay with her, she became very sad. And then, she started to cry.

One day, the wind blew so hard that all the clouds disappeared. The sky was so blue, like never before. But because all the clouds had disappeared, the stream began to think that life was no longer worth living. She had never learned how to appreciate the beauty of the shining sky, but instead, she saw that the sky was empty. And her life felt just as was as if it had lost all its meaning.

Last night, Stream wanted to kill herself, but she didn't know how. She thought about where she could kill herself, and from one thing to another, everything turned into emptiness. She cried all night, and her tears rhythmically fell on the shore. It was the first time she came back to herself, instead of searching for happiness outside. She realized that she had been running after external happiness all along.

This time, she came back to listen to her own cries, and she found something strange. She found that she herself was made up of a cloud. It was very strange because she had been running after this cloud all along, but in reality, the cloud was made up of her. Everything she had been searching for was within her all along.

Happiness is like this. If we learn to stop and come back to ourselves in the present moment, we will find that everything that can make us happy in this universe is already within us. We don't need to run after it.

The stream realized something reflected on her surface. It was the sky, serene, strong, stable, and free. Before this, she had been busy running after the cloud so that she couldn't see it. Suddenly, she realized that her happiness consisted of stability, freedom, and a vast space around her. This was a night of eternal transformation. Her tears and sorrow had turned into happiness and peace.

As the sun rose, the breeze brought back the same cloud that had passed by before. But this time, the stream discovered she could reflect the cloud without clinging to it. When the cloud floated by, she said, "Hello, Cloud!" And when the cloud floated away, she said, "See you later!" Without feeling any sadness at all. She knew that freedom was the most important foundation of happiness. She had learned to stop running and, that night, the most beautiful things appeared.

The full moon reflected on her surface, and the stream was very happy. She reflected both the cloud and the moon as they truly were. In the meantime, she slowly moved towards the vast sea. This time, she did not rush to run anymore, but she was aware of the happiness in every moment of the present.


A Buddhist quote about teaching the heart and suffering:

The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There's only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment. So, enjoy the present moment as best you can, and the future will take care of itself.

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