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Nongmaikaen Pattaya ABanglamung Chonburi 20150

In the year 2468 BE, the temple was located in a wide courtyard with clean white sand. In the past, the abbot had built a Buddha statue using rice straw, and the locals called him Luang Pho To at Sutthawas Temple. However, the official name of the Buddha was Phra Sri Rattanatraiyanphob, located under a mango tree. In 2554 BE, a new abbot named Phra Jumlong came and renovated the temple to make it beautiful and well-maintained. The temple is a popular place of worship for the locals, and every year there is a special event called ""Pit Thong Luang Pho (gilding the statue of Luang Pho To with gold leaves)"  which is held annually.


Donate to the Temple

To make merit and make a donation to support the construction and renovation of the Buddhist temple through the official website of the Sutthawas Temple



Following the news and updates on events and activities that will take place within Sutthawas Temple, Chonburi province, through various sources of information


Cantact Wat Sutthawas

Wat Sutthawas Nongmaikaen Muang Pattaya Banglamung 

Chonburi 20150



Just remember that the "bad things" that come into your life, ...will also go out of your life

Temple Abbot, Wat Sutthawas

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